What Can a Home Inspection Reveal

What Can a Home Inspection Reveal?

You’ve made an offer, it’s been accepted—now comes the much-anticipated home inspection. This required part of the real estate process is important for all buyers. It can reveal a lot about a home’s condition, for better or worse. Don’t worry, though, a problematic house inspection doesn’t mean your whole deal will fall through. It may
Second Appraisal

When Can Your Lender Require a Second Appraisal?

Much like Texans themselves, the real estate market in Dallas/Fort Worth can be complicated and intense. Homes in the Metroplex are beautiful, valuable, and often sell extremely quickly. If you are applying for a mortgage and your lender requests a second appraisal for the home you’re buying, don’t panic. There are various valid reasons for
The benefits of purchasing a fixer upper

The Benefits of Purchasing a Fixer-Upper

You may have been warned about buying a house that “needs work.” Some naysayers complain that fixer-uppers are too costly and too time-consuming. But, there are actually many upsides to purchasing a fixer-upper. Whether you’re considering getting into the flipping business, want to rehab a rental property, or simply want a fixer-upper that you can

Lantana Real Estate

Located in beautiful Texas Hill Country, Lantana real estate offers scenic views, attractive neighborhoods and a relaxing lifestyle. Homes for sale in Lantana are situated between Dallas and Fort Worth and are near a variety of shopping, entertainment and dining options. It also offers rolling topography and attractive landscaping for a scenic place to call