What Can a Home Inspection Reveal?

What Can a Home Inspection Reveal

You’ve made an offer, it’s been accepted—now comes the much-anticipated home inspection. This required part of the real estate process is important for all buyers. It can reveal a lot about a home’s condition, for better or worse. Don’t worry, though, a problematic house inspection doesn’t mean your whole deal will fall through. It may mean, however, adjustments to the home’s price or the terms and conditions of the transaction. For example, the seller may be required to make certain repairs before the sale can take place.

Common issues found during home inspections

Certain parts of the home are more problematic than others, including issues with the:

  • No matter the material used, roofs will wear over time. Cracked, blistered, rotting, or improperly installed roofing materials, like asphalt, terra cotta, or wood, may cause leaks inside the home. Insect damage is another thing to look out for.
  • Grading and drainage. If yard slopes, it could cause a soggy lawn, and worse, leakage into the basement. The property may need to be re-graded.
  • Electrical wiring. Old electrical systems, open junction boxes, and other issues could be fire hazards or just not work properly.
  • HVAC system/ventilation. The heating and cooling systems might not work right, and in the worst cases, could leak carbon monoxide.
  • The home’s foundation could be cracked, damaged, or sloping, causing settlement and drainage issues. Small cracks can be repaired easily yet larger defects may require an extensive overhaul.
  • Outdated and poorly installed plumbing leads to bad water pressure, slow drains, and leaks. Toilets, pipes, sinks, and showers might need work before the buyer moves in.

A home inspection will also reveal general upkeep issues like chipped paint, squeaky stairs, and old and worn out flooring. A good, thorough inspector will record and document all the home’s flaws and indicate which ones are the most important to fix.

Issues with drainage, moisture, and leaks are usually of utmost importance, since these can cause massive structural damage and lead to the development of mold. You may ask for an air quality inspection as well to test for mold and toxins.

Other less significant defects, like cut or broken trusses in the attic, can usually wait until later to be repaired and won’t ruin a home sale.

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