The Importance of a Walk-Through Before Closing on a Property Sale

The Importance of a Walk-Through Before Closing on a Property Sale

The final walk-through is one of the most important parts of buying a property and closing on the sale, but it is also one of the most overlooked. This important step is necessary to make sure everything is in working order before you sign the last closing sale papers and finally make your dream house your own. Work with your real estate agent in Dallas-Fort Worth to ensure a proper walk-through, and check out our Walk-through To-Do List below.

Make sure you are comfortable before your final sale

This is your last chance to notice anything pertinent that needs to be pointed out before you close on the sale, so the final walk-through is a key piece of properly preparing yourself to close on a home. If there has been a severe weather occurrence, like recent hurricanes or flood damage in the neighborhood, make sure to focus on thoroughness from inside out. Schedule your final walk-through at least 24 hours before the purchase of your home, and carve out about 30 minutes to an hour to survey everything and ensure proper working order.

Here’s our Walk-through To-Do List

  • Check to make sure all appliances work as described during the sale. This includes: washer, dryer, dishwasher, and even humidifiers or a furnace. If something sticks or is it disrepair, make sure to note that. Make sure you have paperwork on warranties or manuals.
  • Bring your cell phone and phone charger. Check all the electrical outlets to make sure they work.
  • Flip all light switches a few times.
  • Did the family you are purchasing from agreed to repairs before you closed? Make sure all of this has been done.
  • Take note of scratches on walls and other general aesthetic issues that may or may not have been there when you choose to purchase the home.
  • Take stock of the yard and anything the previous owners might have left — or left out.
  • Note any new damage to the general conditions of the property. This can include new scratches occurring when furniture was being moved, or general wear and tear that was not present during prior visits.
  • Make sure things like stair rails and garage doors are working properly, and are safely fastened to walls or other structures as they should be.

Once you have identified any issues during the final walk-through, you can choose whether or not to delay the purchase of your property until these problems have been remedied. It is also a time that you might renegotiate a price if there are significant damages.

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